Tales from a professional, qualified and ethical building inspector

As a building inspector, I know better than everyone that not all inspectors are created equal. In this series of posts I share with you some real life scenarios where I have helped homeowners who have become victims from inadequate building inspections. In these instances the homeowners were often unaware of the state of their structure prior to purchase and this has ended up becoming not only costly but has devalued the property and made it difficult to onward selling of the home. The moral of the story: ask the right questions and check the reputation of the inspector prior to engagement. A qualified and ethical inspector will have nothing to hide and will be able to answer all your questions with ease. As you will see in the first story in the series, a lot of heartache could have been avoided by asking the right questions. Jane

Roof Building Report Roof Building Report

The case of the burnt out roofing

I was called in to conduct a pre-purchase building inspection on a high-set timber framed Queenslander, only to find burnt out rafters in the roof space above the ceiling access opening (man hole) in the kitchen. The owner was understandably shocked and upset as he had only purchased the house 12 months earlier and no […]

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Roofing Building Inspection Roofing Building Inspection

The case of the non-compliant ceiling insulation

I conducted a pre-purchase building inspection on a 6 year-old home and found that the fibre glass ceiling insulation that had been installed prior to the current owners purchase was completely covering 6 down lights throughout the home. When I pointed out this fire safety hazard to the owner, he found and re-read the pre-purchase […]

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Roofing Building Inspection and Report Roofing Building Inspection and Report

The unexperienced inspection and inspector

I was asked to re-inspect a high set older Queenslander in Maryborough, a home that approximately 90 days earlier had a combined pre-purchase building and pest inspection done for the purchaser. A combined pre-purchase building and pest inspection is carried out by one person, usually a building inspector that has undertaken some training and has […]

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