Pre-purchase Home Inspection Service

Building Inspection Reports is Fraser Coast premiere housing and quality assurance inspector, providing a range of services that includes pre-purchase house inspections. Being one of the first licensed inspectors in Queensland, owner and founder Rod is passionate about delivering comprehensive pre-purchase house inspections that our customers can trust.

As a local and family-owned business, we value the importance of our community. That’s why we travel to our surrounding towns, including Hervey Bay, Maryborough, Tinana, Tiaro, Bauble, Torbanlea, Howard, Burrum Heads and Childers. If you would like to enquire about our pre-purchase home inspection services, get in touch via email or call 1800 466 456.

Do I need a Pre-Purchase Building Inspection?

A pre-purchase building inspection is a comprehensive report based on the age of the house or commercial building that a buyer receives regarding the condition of the property that has been previously occupied. This report informs the potential buyer of any serious defects with the building as well as possible ongoing maintenance issues. Pre-purchase building inspections are important given the difficulty that an inexperienced person may have assessing whether there is significant or minor damaged to the buildings they are about to purchase.

Our Pre-Purchase Building Inspections:

Our pre-purchase home inspections are comprehensive. As we are Fraser coast’s leading building inspection service, we have access to a number of qualified professionals to assist us with our pre-purchase house inspections. This includes a termite inspection specialist, who will complete our detailed pre-purchase pest report with us, we can also help you organise licensed plumber inspection and a licenced electrician inspection to assess the building for you.

Assessing both the interior and exterior of your home for the most minor detail, we:

  • Check the outside of the building
  • Check the roofing on the building
  • Check each room of your building
  • Climb into the roof space of the building
  • Climb into accessible access openings
  • Climb under timber floor to assess the sub- floor space
  • Inspect any external garages, sheds or outbuildings
  • And more

If there is an area of your house that we can physically access, we will do it. However, please note that our inspections consider the age of your house. For instance, the expectations for a 4-year-old home varies quite drastically from 100-year-old homes. Although it will not affect the attention to detail we take, it will guide our recommendations when we prepare our inspection reports.

Precautions with Pre-Purchase Inspection Reports:

We are passionate about our customers and want to ensure they receive inspections they can rely on. For that reason, we want to warn our customers about the legalities of their inspections. If you receive an inspection report that is not in your name and has not been addressed to you by a licensed housing inspector – such as the team at Building Inspection Reports – it will not stand as a legal document. This means you will not be able to make claims if you find problems with your house or commercial building. A pre-purchase report is a small investment for your potential new purchase: get in touch with our team of experts for a quality assurance service that Fraser Coast locals can trust.

Pre-Purchase Home Inspections

Get in touch to book a comprehensive pre-purchase building inspection. Call 1800 466 456.