Asbestos Inspections and Audits on the Fraser Coast

Building Inspection Reports are Fraser Coast domestic and commercial building inspection specialists, providing a range of different services including asbestos inspections and audits. With many years in the commercial and home building industry, owner Rod is as experienced as they come. As a small family-owned business, the team at Building Inspection Reports places a strong emphasis on customer service. Ensuring the safety of our local community, this includes conducting extensive asbestos audits. Asbestos Audit’s are required for every commercial building or a workplace constructed before 30 December 1989.  If you would like to organise an asbestos inspection, please call us today on 1800 466 456.

Asbestos Audits for Commercial Buildings:

Under Queensland Legislation, any commercial building or workplace built before December 1989 is required to have an asbestos audit, register and management plan. Although safe when left untouched, the Queensland government states Asbestos in the workplace must be identified and managed to insure the workplace is safe and without risk to workers. The audit and management plan sets out what action is required in case the asbestos is found to be disturbed.

What’s included in your Asbestos Audits?

With our asbestos audit services, we search for any asbestos in your commercial or industrial buildings. If a product is believed to contain asbestos, we take a sample and send it to a laboratories for analysis then the register of asbestos found is written up disclosing the type of asbestos and what needs to be done to make it safe. From our sample analysis and register, we make a comprehensive plan, detailing all required action. This could mean removing asbestos or just painting it or having a plan in place in case the asbestos is disturbed and becomes air borne.

In a house constructed before December 1989 it is a necessary step that needs to be taken before renovating.

How often will I require a Commercial Asbestos Audit?

How frequently you will need a commercial asbestos audit depends largely on your industry. As some industries are more likely than others to disturb asbestos in your building, some businesses will need an asbestos annually, whereas other may only require an audit every 5 years. For instance, a business that uses forklifts and machinery within their building is more likely to disturb asbestos than a hairdresser or accounting business. All our recommendations will be listed in our Asbestos Audits, where you will be given a management plan to ensure the safety of your employees and customers. For more information about our asbestos audits, speak to one of our qualified staff on 1800 466 456.

Asbestos Audits for Renovation Projects:

As stated, all commercial buildings built before December 1989 require an asbestos audit. However, although this service is not legally required for domestic households, we recommend that all homes include an asbestos inspection prior to renovation. As households are not legally required to register any asbestos with the appropriate authorities, your home may possess asbestos that you are unaware of. Consequently, you may be exposed to hazardous substances when you begin renovating.

Asbestos Inspections and Audits

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