Dilapidation Surveys in Hervey Bay

At Building Inspection Reports, we offer the Fraser coast and its surrounding areas a range of inspection services to suit your needs, including dilapidation surveys. As a small, family owned business, we want to provide our local community with outstanding customer service. Therefore, we are happy to travel to you, servicing Hervey Bay, Maryborough Childers, Torbanlea, Howard, Burrum Heads, and more.

After being in the construction industry for decades, the owner of Building Inspection Reports became one of the first licensed building inspectors in Queensland. As a result, you can ensure that you receive the attention to detail you deserve, obtaining an inspection report that is detailed and comprehensive.

When do I need a dilapidation report?

Unlike our pre-purchase and handover inspection reports, our dilapidation surveys are conducted when earthworks or roadworks are operating close to commercial or residential buildings. Often commissioned by the appropriate local authorities, they are a way for both the roadworks team and occupants to feel assured about any potential damage that can occur. That is, if a claim is made about any cracking or damage to the building, our pre-construction dilapidation surveys will make it clear if the crack is new or old.  To find out more about our dilapidation services, contact our trusted team of professionals via or on 1800 466 456.

Efficient and Accurate Dilapidation Surveys

As a small local business, we understand the importance of providing efficient and accurate results. Working around the clock, we ensure that you receive your dilapidation survey report as quickly as possible. This way, you can commence your construction project as early as possible, knowing you’ve received quality assurance from our qualified professionals. Despite providing a fast turnover, we place a high amount of care with our inspections, ensuring that each building is inspected thoroughly.

A dilapidation survey generally includes:

  • Inspection of all brickwork and external concrete areas
  • Inspection of tiled roof areas
  • Going room-to-room in each building
  • Checking for dummy, loose or cracked floor and wall tiles
  • Checking wall and ceiling linings
  • Climbing under high set houses to assess structural posts and floorboards
  • Assessing outdoor sheds
  • And more

If we can physically assess an area, we will. That way, you will have the legal documents necessary to prove what damage occurred and when.Ensuring each building is inspected thoroughly, we include in your reports photographs and an explanation of the defects this allows you and the home owner to view on paper or a computer the defects found prior to the construction of the road or project.

Dilapidation Surveys

Get in touch to book a comprehensive dilapidation survey prior to your construction project. Call 1800 466 456.